Photovoltaic water pumping from deep wells. Advances in Solar Energy Technology, Pergamon Press, 1987.

Today there is a growing interest for photovoltaic water pumping from deep wells. For such photovoltaic systems battery storage could be added, but the alternative choice of using multistage centrifugal submersible pumps with 3-phase motors presents more advantages.

However, for this latter configuration it is necessary to include a DC/AC inverter which not only incorporates a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT), but it is also capable of regulating the motor speed in proportion to the intensity of the in-plane radiation.

In the present work the simulated performance of the 10 KWp EEC demonstration project for water pumping at Karpathos island in the Aegean Sea in Greece has been studied on an hourly basis, taking into consideration meteorological data, technical characteristics of the components of the system, and the characteristics of the well.

The results of the simulation analysis are compared with some of the up to now recorded data of the Karpathos island with encouraging success!

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