A model of the energy fluxes in a solar heated swimming pool and its experimental validation. Energy Conversion and Management, Pergamon Press, 1987.

In the present work, a theoretical model is presented concerning the various energy fluxes in a solar heated outdoor swimming pool, with a bare or covered surface.

The analysis considers the instantaneous energy balance using actual climatological data, special attention being focused on setting up equations for the calculation of the turbulent heat-mass transfer energy fluxes. Thus, the net heat loss can be calculated under constant water temperature conditions, paving the way for the determination of the needed solar collector heat power and/or conventional heating. A computer program is written and developed to implement the analysis.

To check the validity of the model, experimental work has been carried out at the Athens Olympic (25 × 50 m) swimming pool, which is heated by a solar collector array consisting of flat plate plastic panels. A vast monitoring campaign is undertaken, involving the installation of the sensing instruments and the data acquisition and reduction system.

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